What BioSig Password can I make?

We often get requests for suggestions on how to make a BioSig Password. Here we will pass along the strategies and suggestions from the NMLS and BioSig. NMLS Biosig Phone Number: 1-855-665-7123

Students contact the help desk when they have failed to draw their password.
Recommendation: Below are suggestions we offer to a student that is struggling to enroll a new
Try drawing a different password if you struggle with your existing choice. Perhaps focus on
letters and/or numbers that contain lines instead of curves, such as 4, 7, T, V, etc. The goal is to
find a password you can easily repeat and remember.
The first time you draw your password it is always accepted. Then you will be asked to draw the
same password in a similar (not exact) manner as you drew it the first time. These attempts will
be analyzed for your unique biometric gestures. So, if the second time you draw the code slower
or more careful than the first time, it will not match. Try writing the code each time with the causal movements you used the first time. You do not have to change the code if the subsequent
attempts fail. Try the same code multiple times before resetting.
If you are using a touchscreen or touchpad, everything you draw becomes part of your
password. If you accidentally lift your finger from a touchscreen or touchpad and resume, then it
is seen as two separate lines even if it visually looks like one. For a touch pad, we suggest you try
using both hands with your dominant hand drawing, while the other hand controls the button to
activate the drawing process.
Passwords made up of straight lines or repetitive characters are not accepted.
Example of passwords NOT accepted:

| | | |
/ / / /
- - - -
/ - / -
7 7 7 7

Passwords are used annually; it is not uncommon for the student to forget what password they used last
CE season.
Recommendation: Instruct the student to submit a help ticket requesting their password. The support agent will send the student their password. Submit a Ticket: https://nmls-help.biosig-id.com/portal/newticket