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There is no sound on my video!

Make sure you're not going through Citrix/VPN, make sure your speakers are plugged in, make sure your device is up to date

Make sure you're not going through a VPN or a virtual desktop (i.e. Citrix), if you are - you need to go through a local browser that is *not* going through your VPN or a virtual desktop.  When you're attempting to stream an HD video, like our CE content, it can take a lot of bandwidth.  When you're going through a VPN or virtual desktop of sorts - this limits your bandwidth and can cause huge video quality issues.  

Make sure your speakers are on and turned up (and plugged in properly)

Make sure your computer's audio drivers are up to date. If you are using a work device - you may need to get in touch with your IT Department. If you're using a home device, here is a helpful wiki.