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My video is stuttering and freezing - HELP!

General Video/Audio Issues

The Internet can sometimes be like that gremlin you see on the airplane wing on a TV show - it's there for you and can cause problems, but you're not sure why and how to make it behave.  Good news!  There several troubleshooting steps that can be taken which will help fix most problems you're having with a video.

1) Make sure you're not going through a VPN or a virtual desktop (i.e. Citrix), if you are - you need to go through a local browser that is *not* going through your VPN or a virtual desktop.  When you're attempting to stream an HD video, like our CE content, it can take a lot of bandwidth.  When you're going through a VPN or virtual desktop of sorts - this limits your bandwidth and can cause huge video quality issues.  

2) Clear the cache on your Internet browser.  If you're not sure how you can click here, find the browser you're using and follow the step by step directions.  When you've been watching a lot of videos back to back, or you've not closed your browser out for a while - you can build up cookies which can interfere with streaming quality.  It's kind of like building up plaque in an artery or gunk in a sink drain.  It starts to cause issues with streaming.  Clearing out the cache helps free the space back up.

3) Close out all systems you're running on your computer (LOS, email, other browsers, etc.) - including the browser you're on, come back and try again.  Different systems you're running on your computer can compete for resources.  Streaming videos can be a bit of a resource hog for some systems, so if you're running several different programs and you're attempting to stream videos, it can interfere with the ability to play the video.

4)  Restart your computer.  Sometimes the good 'ol "Turn it off and back on again" helps clear up any run away issues that might be lurking in the background.

5) Reboot your Internet router.  Sometimes the same as turning off your computer and turning it back helps clear lurking behind the scenes issues, so to does turning your router off and back on again.  It allows for a fresh connection to be established which can help clear up any possible hiccups you might be experiencing.

6)  Make sure you have a quality Internet connection.  If you have a bad connection because the wifi signal is low or you're on during peak hours in your neck of the woods - streaming video can be an issue and you might experience low quality resolution, stuttering and freezing or just plain 'ol inability to play the video itself.